Urban Organic Cultivation

The Project

The Global House seeks to develop its scope of activity by initiating organic cultivation, both for its own members who want to realise ideas in this field and potential staff who wants to participate. The idea is to offer meaningful jobs for members, jobseekers as well as other individuals who are interested in such work.

We also invite people in the neighbourhood to a meeting place for discussion about how to improve and contribute to a better environment.

We grow organic crops by planting, tending and harvesting, thus working for biological diversity in middle of the town. We learn how to utilise the resources present at hand such as land, tools, and knowledge. In that way we lay the foundation to continuous urban cultivation and social enterprising.


We currently run a couple of beehives (unfortunately we saw the demise of four hives last year) and we intend to expand to a two-figure number in order to counteract the looming threat to honeybees and pollinators in general. We are also going to install several insect hotels that are used to care for wild bees that have been made homeless and poisoned from the consequences of industrialised cultivation.


A Social Enterprise

Mellangatan 1

413 04 Gothenburg


Monday - Thursday 12:00 - 16:00