Architecture Contest

The idea is to prepare and perform a contest for architecture students from Chalmers University of Technology, Royal Institute of Technology, Universities of Lund and UmeƄ as well as two educators in Landscape Architecture from SLU of Uppsala and Alnarp. Accountable for the practical performance of the contest teams are those Construction students from highschool that are interested in raising crops.

Cultivation Village for Health and Culture Exchange

The prepared architecture contest should comprose 15 small houses of about twenty-four square metres each and take place in a area suitable for various crop types. The element of contest in the programme should contain one lad architecture as well as one contruction plan, grouping houses in a village-like formation that shows individual houses from specific international themes.

Self-Administration and Societies

The resulting village could preferably be administered by an association through which the houses are being let using some form of a self-administrative contract.


A Social Enterprise

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